Chris Johns

Artist Statement

Much of my work questions our society’s current obsession with technology: I’m attempting to provoke discourse and thought on this and other dire issues facing humanity and the world. I want my work to be a counterpunch to the general malaise and sense of powerlessness that today’s realities cause. The goal for me is to illuminate and inspire, and to push for a better world. If I can change people’s minds for the better, I believe I have succeeded as an artist.

To offset the dark themes in some of the work, I have also created a print series featuring heroes of mine — courageous historical figures who have done extraordinary things in their lives. Inspiration for my work comes from numerous sources, including some mostly forgotten thinkers of recent years- brilliant people such as Wendell Berry, Neil Postman, Lewis Mumford, and James Kunstler.

Artist Bio

Christopher Johns is a Canadian contemporary artist who creates limited edition, hand-pulled silkscreen prints that combine photo collage, digital graphics, typography and line art to build strong messages about the state of the world and the issues facing humanity.