Madi Henault

Artist Statement 

Representation ensures that we are being heard— our voices are part of a dialogue protecting our best interests, opportunities and individual liberties. Women are represented quite often in American media— but what does it mean when our reception is tainted by our womanhood? When double-binds exist in every course of action possible, one’s presence in the public eye becomes dangerous. My work strives to spark conversation on our own reaction to women in power and how this differs from our treatment of powerful men.  This focus on censorship of female voices through humiliation and degradation is portrayed through portraits in aquatint image transfers and monotypes. The primary focus of this work is not only the subjects position, but also the motives and reactions of the media and public.

Artist Bio

Madi Henault is a painter and printmaker based in Boston, MA. She is a recent graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design printmaking program, where she primarily focused on photo-based etchings. The majority of her work is concerned with the representation of women in media in 21st century politics.