Stefan Meyer

Artist Statement

I specialize in large, modular silkscreen prints based on patterns from ancient, oriental, or tribal textiles and ceramics. These vary from single pieces to installations of two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, or more modules, either mounted on ready-to-hand wooden box frames or not. None of the patterns I use are derived from electronic media sources, but rather from photographs I take myself in my own home or in museums, stores, or auction houses. My work is all about translating or patterns from one medium to another and transforming them by playing with focus, scale, color, light, and other variables.

Artist Bio

My interest in silkscreen printing began with a Tunisian textile that has hung in my home for many years. Fascinated by its geometrical patterning, I long entertained the notion of translating its patterns into another medium. Then one day I joined my wife for lunch in her company’s cafeteria where a large modular enamel installation graced the wall. This gave me the idea of aiming to produce works suitable for corporate and commercial workplace environments.