Deborah Epstein

Artist Biography

Deborah Epstein studied printmaking decades ago, and is happy to have recently returned. Prior to printmaking, she did costuming for the theater, with credits at the New York Shakespeare Festival. In 2002 she co-founded Epstein Joslin Architects with her husband, where they design buildings for the performing arts. In addition to architecture and printmaking, Deborah is a handloom weaver, represented by Mercury Gallery, Rockport, MA, where she has had both solo and group shows since 2010.

Artist Statement

My interests have always been multi-disciplinary, exploring the intersection of artforms, with a special interest in finding the art in everyday life―from the beauty of nature to what can be created from personal tragedy. For many years, I split my time between weaving and architecture, the two disciplines feeding into each other aesthetically and technically. I have now resumed printmaking. Although I work on different content in the three disciplines, I have the same intense approach, exploring freedom within a ruled system, inserting fluidity into a rigid frame, with color as an important generator.


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