Dorothea Van Camp

Artist Statement

For three decades I did not feel a need to work on a press as I had devised ways of incorporating the printed mark into my paintings without one. That all changed after working with a master printer in 2015, again in 2016, and taking a workshop on viscosity in January 2018. I seem to have sought refuge during this trying time for our country and our world, on the bed of a press. Maybe it is the perfect metaphor for this moment – the mix of intense pressure with resistance (viscosity) to produce a record. I am not sure why, but I dove in with abandon.

Artist Biography

Dorothea Van Camp lives and works in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design by way of Industrial Design and Medical Illustration at the University of Cincinnati, her work has been widely exhibited, reviewed and collected. Recent exhibitions include: Gravitational Loopholes, HallSpace, Dorchester, MA; In the Hearts of Men (Still), FP3 Gallery, Boston, MA; Bradley International Print And Drawing ExhibitPeoria, ILState Of The Union13 Forest Gallery, Arlington, MA; and In the Hearts of Men, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX.


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