Ralph Robinson

Artist Biography

During expeditions to remote wilderness areas, I have experienced the power of nature to inspire awe and reverence for the environment. Returning with many photographs of wildlife and landscapes, including brown bears in Alaska, polar bears in the arctic, and penguins in the Antarctic. I have brought those images into various forms of printmaking to further enhance and energize their physical form. The animals and their images represent for me the limited unspoiled wilderness that still exists in the world, and reminds me that those creatures, and the health of the entire planet are threatened by human activities. Through my work, I have attempted to open a dialogue about how we connect with the natural places around us, and how we see our role in protecting our distressed planet n the Anthropocene period. My work represents a search for a spiritual and emotional relationship with nature, and my recognition of the impact we have on t e work whenever we step outside to explore it. I seek to further that introspection through my printmaking, and at the same time create narratives of hope and action that can demonstrate what is at stake.

Artist Statement

Ralph Robinson lives in Cambridge, MA. In June of 2021 he received his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, and soon after joined Shepherd & Maudsleigh Studios. Ralph has been photographing the world around him since he was 12, and printmaking in the darkroom has captivated him since high school. He tends to photograph most intensely when traveling, returning with many thousands of images that take center stage in his printmaking. Those images are then brought to woodblick, inkjet, silkcreen, photogravure, and mixed media to achieve his vision.


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