Rebekah Lord Gardiner

Artist Biography
Rebekah Lord Gardiner was born in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in Printmaking. Rebekah also attended the North Bennet Street School and Brandeis University earning a certificate in Bookbinding and a post-baccalaureate in Fine Arts, respectively. She has exhibited in solo and juried shows at The Bromfield Gallery, The Umbrella Community Arts Center, and Concord Art, to name just a few while also actively participating and exhibiting with the sculpture community of Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA. Today she works out of Shepherd & Maudsleigh Studio in West Newton where she is a co-owner.

Artist Statement
Fragments remain
Crumbling walls
What is left behind?
I use early 20th century family photographs of my great grandparents’ property with multiple printmaking techniques to investigate the ephemeral and the concrete. This body of work is process driven and incorporates copper etching, photo-polymer plate etching, screen printing, vellum watercolor transfers, and relief printing with chine collé.

The hard edge of the etching plates juxtaposed with the softer hand drawn vellum transfers allows me to explore the relationship of the intangible to the tangible. Left behind are the photographs and diaries documenting the lives of previous generations and these prints are not meant to be nostalgic, but a conversation between the generations.


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